Monday 19 June 2017



Hola Amigos!

We’ve been  a few days for the last project meeting in Spain, but it feels like much longer since we’ve experienced so much!

Seville is the delightful city home of José Luis, Izabela, Magdalena and Guiomar. It’s so magnificent that every day we were discovering something new. Strolls down the bustling streets among picturesque facades of old colonial buildings were our joy. Spanish architecture is a combination of old and new but it doesn’t clash. It’s in fact intricate how they can make this mixture work. The same co-existance can be felt in the very heart of Cordoba, this time the combination of Catholic and Muslim art combine into a marvel. No one can go past it unamazed.

Spaniards are really really really fun people. So open, so disarming, so warm. Great sense of humour, generous, and GENUINE. Their friendliness doesn't feel 'put on', and they're funny in a very dry, deadpan way most of the time. We love it! We have way too many little memorable incidents where locals have made us laugh, helped us, been generous to us, and made us feel very special. Too many to list!

Our stay there was the last meeting of our project and even more touching was the last dinner with our project partners.
We would like to thank the Spanish hosts for everything and all our project partners for this wonderful week in Seville. We will miss that atmosphere, that fun and that sun… Words don’t come easy when we have to say goodbye, so we say:


The Polish team

Sunday 4 June 2017



Turkey bewitched us!

Colours, shades, sounds, varieties, food…
The project meeting in such an atmosphere and under the rays of the spring sun was effective and successful. We managed to disseminate our “Portfolio Kit for Teachers”, which will find, we hope, its place among other didactic and methodological tools of each teacher working in this project.


Our delight wouldn’t be so great if not for TURKISH FRIENDS who hosted us and whom we would like to thank:

Resul – thank you for the great hospitality at your school, thank you for letting us meet your wonderful team of people,
Tamer – thank you for your hospitality, organisation, engagement in the project, your heart and music, and a 'happy birthday' song,

Alev – thank you for warmth, smile and wonderful welcome and organisation of the event,
Temay – thank you for unique and magical sounds and patience during the dance lesson at the metre on 5 and 7 😉,

Baris – thank you for your support, friendship, fidget spinners, jokes and understanding without words 😉

Sinem – thank you for your sense of humour, warmth and support,

Resul, Taner and Nur – thank you for being there for us, for taking care of our students, we know you did a great job and, though you are silent heroes of the meeting, we felt your friendship all the time,

DEAR HOSTING PARENTS  – thank you for such great memories, for being wonderful parents for our students, for love, care, warmth, wonderful meals and guidance.


Last but not least, we would like to thank the whole Turkish team for the magnificent welcome, magic workshops on ebru painting, ravishing fashion show and choir performance, awesome company by the table, terrific trips around Izmir and Ephesus with a fantastic guide and the whole time spent with us together…
… yes, we will definitely miss Turkey!

The Polish team


Saturday 27 May 2017

9th meeting in Turkey

                                             Fantastic country- fantastic people

1. It is a beautiful city
2.People are so friendly.

3.Weather was so good.
4.Food was so delicious.
5.I meet new friends from Spain,Italy,Latvia,Izmir,Antalya.
6.The trips around city were amazing.
7.Turkish teachers were amazing too.
8.Activities were really good.
9.I met new religion and new traditions.
10.I met Turkish music and dance.
Vilius Kukenys

       Hi everyone! My name is Ugne and I participated in this project as Lithuanian student. Firstly, I would like to say, how happy and greatful to all the teachers and students I am for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this project and to meet new cultures, people and of course all of you! I also would like to thank to Aylin and her family for such a warm hosting during the meeting in Turkey! 


                                    Thank you one more time for all the unforgettable moments!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Ninth Meeting in Turkey

The flight was fantastic, I love airplanes.
When we arrived our family was waiting for us at the Hotel. The first evening I was a little worried, it was my first experience travelling alone, but then my host family makes me feel at home, they were very friendly and kind and took care of me.
Izmir is a really beautiful city with its modern palaces, the sea and all the shops.
I liked the food apart for the soup (I don’t like it), Gorkem’s mum was fantastic. At school they had a lot of presents for us, they were very well organized. We visited fantastic places such as Ephesus…I was so impressed!!!
Elia Di Marco

I think that Erasmus+ has been a wonderful experience. In a week I had the opportunity to learn about different ways of living, to improve my English,to taste different foods and I met so many people from Spain,Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania. . They were very nice and generous. I miss them so much!
 In Turkey my host family was very polite and generous. Turkey is an interesting country.
The school was big.
 The school time was well organized and the trips were very interesting.
 For me it was a very important experience and I had a lot of fun.
Fabryne De Melo

Hi everybody!
My name is Luke and I am a member of the Italian group that participated at the 9th meeting in Turkey. I think that the Erasmus+ project is an opportunity for all students to improve English, but also to meet new people outside their own country who speak a foreign language. In addition to this you can try different food but come in touch with cultures. Despite having made only one meeting I enjoyed was it and I feel the emotion to visit a new country. These experiences are useful to remove prejudice you may have on people living in a different country.
A big kiss to the family!
Luca Patuzzi

This experience was very positive and interesting, the town was very beautiful and the family that hosted me was very friendly and helpful.
The Turkey is beautifull. I like the Turkish food.
The school is big and time was well organized and the trips were very interesting.
I wish to repeat it in future because It helps to remove prejudices and fears you have before leaving.
In Turkey my host family was very polite and generous.
Thomas Rossi

THANKS Turkish team, we had a great experience in Izmir!

The Italian Team

Sunday 21 May 2017

The 9th Project Meeting in Turkey: Latvian team impressions.

We are very proud that we participated in this project. This project gave us a lot of experience in communication and socializing. In addition, this project gave us a lot of emotions and knowledge.

On the first day, we came to school and were welcomed by a lot of Turkish students. We were amazed by so friendly, communicable and open school students! 

We were really pleased to be in this school, because classrooms and place where our activities were organized were very clean and comfortable. On the same day school director Mr. Resul Ozdemir made welcome speeches. Than Turkish team put out a stunning performance: dancing, singing, fashion show. It was funny! Kindergarten students were especially touching. 

After that we had our first section of Drama activity.

On Tuesday, we went to guided tour of Izmir city. The guide told us a lot of interesting facts about Izmir. We have also visited Turkish bazaar where we bought some delicious Turkish fruits.

Wednesday was very interesting day for us. We were painting and decorating dishes. We all made very beautiful works.

On Thursday, we went on cultural tour. We have visited a lot of fascinating places like Ephesus, Selcuk museum, House of Virgin Mary. During the tour, we learned a lot of Turkish history and culture. We also admired those wonderful views.

On Friday we took part in quiz show and it was exciting! We also got our certificates, shared imprerssions and took photos.  

After that we had a party where we listened to music and danced. At the same time, we felt sad to say goodbye to our project friends.
All in all our trip was unforgettable. We are thankful to our host families and Turkish organizators.

                                             On behalf of Latvian team: Romāns Šinkevičs and Jurijs Šinkevičs.